The interiors of passenger cars, electric and diesel trains

The company produces interior components for equipment of passenger cars of all types, including compartment, couchette car, electric cars, and special purpose cars. These elements are easily mounted on the car body without using any special tools; they are used to equip new cars and to repair the rolling stock. Interior features present sufficient high durability; the elements have modern and attractive appearance, comfortable, functional and safe in accordance with the requirements of the time and functional performance.

All elements of the interior lining cars provide easy access to the equipment during maintenance or repair operations. When designing the interiors all the wishes of the wagon-repair depot are taken into account, they concern the maintainability of rolling stock, as well as many years of experience in manufacturing and supply of our products to the railways of Ukraine and CIS countries.

For the manufacture of interior elements, products made of fiberglass, plywood, laminated by plastic, vinylskins, aluminum sheet are used. The quality of materials and components used in the manufacture of all elements of the interior is confirmed by compliance certificates of manufacturers, documents confirming their quality and are permitted for use in railway passenger transport in the established order.

All interior elements produced by S&P association "RIST" were highly appreciated by maintenance services.