Metal working, metal production

Production of metal products is concentrated in two workshops, with a large equipment fleet of cutting, pressure, welding and other equipment to process of sheet, pipe, and section-shaped rolled metal.

Cutting equipment fleet has more than 140 units of machinery, including lathes with numerical control, milling, coordinate boring, planing, mortising, drilling, polishing, sharpening machines and others.

Press equipment fleets has about 130 units, including guillotine shears, crank presses of single and double action, exhaust ventilating, sheet bending press, hydraulic and embossing machines.

Welding production represents a large range of equipment for semi-automatic, electric, argon arc welding, contact welding, gas flame cutting of metals. Our equipment and team of experts allow you to perform assembly and welding operations for manufacturing structures of high complexity made of steel and aluminum alloys.