Electroplating and painting production

The enterprise provides the electroplating of the following types:

  • gold-plating;
  • silver-plating;
  • nickel-plating;
  • black nickel plating;
  • copper plating;
  • galvanizing;
  • chemical passivation of aluminum;
  • anodizing.

The main specialization of galvanic production is covering the cutlery and utensils with silver, gold, shiny and black nickel.

Instead of traditional metal painting methods which used liquid paintwork material we use new technologies. Today, one of the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective plating of metal products is considered to be powder plating. As a result of such plating the product acquires flawless appearance, and its surface has additional protective properties, which cannot be provided by conventional paints. Decorative powder plating capabilities and wide range of colors allow harmonious incorporation of metal elements in any interior. Metal products with powder plating of have vandal-proof properties, it is difficult to scratch or damage them intentionally or accidentally. It provides excellent adhesion with metal surfaces, has high mechanical strength, durability and abrasion. Metal products with powder coating are well protected against corrosion and can be used under the influence of aggressive environment (high humidity, changes in temperature, direct sunlight, etc.). Powder coating of metal products ensures flawless appearance and design protection throughout the service life.

Protective oxide and phosphate film is applied to the metal surface in order to protect it additionally against metal corrosion, to improve hardness and durability. The phosphate plating is applied to the surface before powder painting; this improves the quality of the painted surface and ensures longer operating life of the product.

Powder plating is widely used for coloring products manufactured at the plant (windows, furniture, frames and other metal).