Windows production

Today, more than seventy models of windows for rolling stock and multiple-unit trains are launched in production. Aluminum windows are designed to the equip all types of passenger cars, diesel and electric train cars, special purpose cars, both newly constructed and after the overhaul reconditioning.

Window production consists of the following sections:

  • Mechanical site
  • Glass units assembly site
  • Window assembly and testing site

To bend aluminum frames of windows there is corresponding forming equipment - double bending machines CRT50D and CR-T38D that allow bending the frame with a given radius. At the same time, there is a "warm frame» production with thermo-insertion, using DETTE equipment (Italy).

Production of double glazed and multi glass units is carried out in stages. At first glass is washed at a special washing and drying unit LV 1600/4 which uses pre-filtered and purified water at the AT-BW-400 0.25 unit. The last stage is the assembly of glass units by setting them sealed (press desk SPD RLD RENOSTAR).

After assembly of glass unit carcasses, the windows undergo 100% quality control for air-tightness in special test stands.

Modern manufacturing base allows producing different sizes and modifications of the windows in compliance with customer's demands (with aluminum frame, and the insertion design). They are made as energy-efficient windows for electric trains HYUNDAY and ŠKODA.