Woodwork production

The company has the equipment and facilities to manufacture millwork which is made of natural wood hardwood and softwood. The production is possible in large-scale manufacture and custom-made.

We produce laminated plywood and chipboard.

We carry out the impregnation of wood, plywood with antiseptic and fire retardant.

We provide services of wood drying.

Thanks to the modern equipment of the woodworking industry, the company offers its customers the widest range of products and services:

  • rotary planning for furniture and blank production;
  • manufacturing of part models to create attachments for fiberglass and vacuum models production patterns and molds for artificial stone casting and casting of metals in the ground;
  • prototypes and parts for various purposes;
  • patterns of wood, plywood and chipboard according to drawings of the customer;
  • manufacture of furniture using individual drawings and drafts etc.

The process of making a false model (or the master model) of MDF, in full size, is carried out using a 5-axis milling machine with CNC CR-157 BERMAQ (Spain), which allows an accuracy to reproduce the size and geometry of the product, designed in 3D. Table dimensions allow making whole, dimensional model and it is assembled from parts.