Windows and rollet curtains

Since 2002 company "RIST" produces and develops projects of a various windows that are installed in cars of rolling stock and in passenger cars. Our windows meet all the requirements of the car windows in accordance with the international level of service and passenger safety. All the window projects are agreed with Poltava PKTB specifications, in accordance with ТR U 35.2-25221038-001:2008 and TR U 35.2-25221038-005:2008.

All types of windows are designed to be installed during construction, implementation of overhaul reconditioning and service life extension of rolling stock cars including passenger, baggage, special and other types with similar window openings and installation conditions. If necessary, we can develop projects of windows according to the customer's wishes.

Maintainable design of windows provides easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Main types of windows

Main window constructions

Windows are composed of the following elements:

  • frame made of special aluminum frame with thermal isolation of fiberglass;
  • air tight double or triple-pane window;
  • rubber seals that ensure glass sealing in the window frame and sealing of the window itself in relation to the car body;
  • mechanisms of opening and closing (for the performance of windows with vent panes).

Windows can be fitted with rollet curtains made according to ТR U 30.2 -25221038-034:2017 and fiberglass window surround made according to ТR U 25.2-25221038-009-2004. Color of curtains and the window surround can be picked up at the customer's request.

External glazing is made of tinted or clear glass. To increase the shockproof properties and enhance the reflection of infrared radiation, the polymer film is applied to the outer glass unit. Color and light transmission coefficient of the film are provided on request. For installation in toilet rooms and in cars there are special purpose modifications with mat surface glass.


The quality of materials and components used in the manufacture of windows is confirmed by enterprise and manufacturers’ certificates of compliance, there are documents confirming their quality and the permition to use in the prescribed manner.

To ensure high consumer qualities the windows are being tested for:

  • vibration (long, short);
  • the effects of single shocks;
  • thermal stability (long and short);
  • cold resistance;
  • humidity (long, short);
  • influence of rain.
  • and other tests in accordance with the normative documents

Windows produced by S&P association RIST are excellent evaluated by the customers.

Service life

Specified service life of windows is 28 years (except for glass units and rubber seals, whose service is regulated by the relevant regulations). Minimum time to failure of the window with vent pane is at least 25,000 opening / closing cycles.


  • Shelf life - 1 year from the date of production;
  • Warranty period since the date of taking into use: for wondows - 2 years, for fiberglass window surround - 3 yars, for rollet curtains - 1 year.


Our company is interested in long-term and effective co-operation. For the convenience of our customers in the company established a team, which travels to the customer, provides training of the staff in installing window units.

If the model window does not satisfy your requirements, we are ready to examine the possibility of the production of the window taking into account customer's specifications.

Our experts will be happy to give you more details.