Fiberglass production

Production of fiberglass products is one of the main directions of enterprise “RIST”.

Fiberglass production includes the head parts of the rolling stock, the interiors and tool set area.

Fiberglass is a composite material that consists of glass fibers (filler) and the resin (binder). Fiberglass is covered with gelcoat in order to make product look aesthetically, also to obtain a required by color according to RAL table and special protective properties such as UV, wear and moisture resistance).

Fiberglass products are attractive, have high durability and light. They can operate in the sun, in water, in aggressive environments at temperatures from -40 to + 60 ° C for quite a long time (dozens of years).

Today, the fiberglass products are used in all sectors of the economy and everyday life; they are widely used in the construction of railway rolling stock and road transport.

Manufacturing of fiberglass products is carried out by molding. A required part is produced using a matrix. False model is needed in order to produce the matrix (also called: the master model). This process is carried out using a 5-axis milling machining center with CNC make CR-157 BERMAQ (Spain), which allows accurately reproduce the size and geometry of the product in 3D. Workpiece size (1500 mm x 2500 mm x 600 mm) makes it possible to make a whole, and assembled of parts, large false model. MDF is used as the material for the model.