Control panels

Control panel is a control system consisting of operating units, interfacing and display equipment which is located on the panels and the console. The control panel is designed to optimize interaction of various hardware and software of controlling automation, primarily for man-machine interaction. Differential characteristics: displaying visual information, which concerns the equipment controlled by the control panel, to the engine-driver and the assistant driver; management of the equipment subordinated to control panel, by using operating units located on the panels; management of control and diagnostics tasks of the equipment, giving  recommendations to driver how to act in emergency situations. The control panel provides comfortable work of the driver team thanks to through ergonomics of the workplace.

Description of products

The visible surface of products is made of polymer composite materials, covered with semi-matt smooth, glare-free, resistant against abrasion and chipping enamel. Material of panels is resistant against water, lubricants and diesel fuel. Products are painted in matching colors. The visible surface is easily cleaned with ordinary detergents. The materials used for manufacturing are provided with all the documents proving their environmental safety and fire resistance.

The control panel is equipped with such devices:

  • switching elements and control devices;
  • controller, which provides control of motion modes by the command of the driver;
  • monitoring and control unit (display module GERSYS), which ensures information collection and display regarding the main parameters of electric, fuel, oil, air, brake and other systems;
  • hardware security systems.