Fiberglass Production

The production of fiberglass products is one of the main types of production of the enterprise "ROST".

Fiberglass production consists of a section of the head parts of the rolling stock, a section of the interiors and a section for manufacturing equipment.

Fiberglass is a composite material consisting of fiberglass (filler) and resin (binder). To give the fiberglass product an aesthetic appearance, the required color according to the RAL table and special protective properties (UV resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance), it is coated with special compositions - gelcoats.

Fiberglass products have an attractive appearance, high strength, lightweight, can work in the sun, in water, in aggressive environments at temperatures from -40 to + 60 ° C for quite a long time, which can last for decades.

Today fiberglass products find their application in all sectors of the national economy and in everyday life, including those that are widely used in the construction of railway rolling stock and rail vehicles.

Fiberglass products are manufactured by molding. To make the necessary part, you need equipment, the so-called matrix. In order to make a matrix, you need a false model (or as it is also called: master model). The manufacturing process of the latter is carried out using a 5-coordinate CNC milling machining center model CR-157 BERMAQ (Spain), which allows you to accurately repeat the dimensions and geometry of the product in 3D format. The dimensions of the workpiece being processed (1500 mm x 2500 mm x 600 mm) make it possible to produce both a solid and assembled from parts large-sized false model. As a model material, wood and MDF are used.

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