Quality Policy

Our company ensures product quality and establishes it as a priority at all stages of the business. Company quality system is certified according to ISO:9001-2015 standard.

The entire staff of S&P association "RIST" is involved in the implementation of the Quality Policy. Each of our employees is responsible for the quality of work and safety which are within their official duties.

The company's management is taking all the necessary measures to comply with the quality policies and continually improve its effectiveness.

The strategic objectives of our company in the field of quality:

  • strengthening the company's status as the region's largest manufacturer of components for railway rolling stock;
  • strengthening customer confidence, increasing degree of the satisfaction with the services of the enterprise;
  • expansion of the sold product range and services that meet the quality requirements and expectations of customers;
  • preservation of guaranteed quality of products supplied with minimal delivery time and competitive prices;
  • increase in the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

Our tasks in the field of quality:

  • to ensure incoming and outgoing quality control of products sold and services;
  • to maintain and develop the high standards of service;
  • to strengthen partnerships with suppliers and customers on the principles of mutual benefit, respect and openness;
  • to respond flexibly and loyally to a growing consumer demand;
  • to maintain and take care of workers’ health in the production process;
  • to improve working conditions;
  • to upgrade skills of workers;
  • to develop the employees’ conscious attitude to solving the issues of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, to ensure their active participation in these activities;
  • to comply with legal and other requirements relating to the field of work, characteristics of products sold, the environmental aspects and risks in the field of occupational health and safety.