Galvanic plating

The galvanic production of the enterprise provides the application of the following types of galvanic coatings:

  • gilding;
  • silvering;
  • nickel plating;
  • black nickel plating;
  • copper plating;
  • galvanizing;
  • chemical passivation of aluminum;
  • anodizing;

The main specialization of galvanic production is the coating of cutlery and tableware with silver, gilding, shiny nickel and black.

Today, one of the most effective, reliable and economical coatings is considered to be powder coating of metal products. As a result of such staining, the product acquires a flawless appearance, and its surface - additional protective properties that conventional paint and varnish materials cannot provide.

The decorative possibilities of powder spraying and a wide range of colors allow you to harmoniously fit metal structures into any interior. The powder coating of metal products has anti-vandal properties, it is difficult to scratch and damage it intentionally or accidentally. It provides excellent adhesion to the metal surface, has high mechanical strength, resistance to wear and abrasion. Powder-coated metal products are reliably protected from corrosion and can be operated under aggressive environmental conditions (high humidity, temperature extremes, direct sunlight, etc.).

Powder coating of metal products guarantees a flawless appearance and protection of the structure throughout the entire service life.

For additional protection of metals from corrosion, improvement of hardness, wear resistance, protective phosphate and oxide films are applied to the metal surface.

The phosphate coating applied to the surface before painting the parts with powder paint improves the quality of the painted surface and guarantees a longer service life of the products.

Powder coating is widely used for painting products manufactured at the enterprise (windows, fittings, frames and other metal structures).

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