Social policy: protection of everyone

People are our greatest asset.

Strategy and tactics of our company development is not only based on industrial activity, but also on promotion of social progress, growth of the welfare of society as a whole and improvement of the living standards of our employees.

S&P association "RIST" is involved in active charitable and sponsorship activities, both independently and in partnership with public and state organizations.
Following the tradition, the main priority of the company is the social sphere.

The enterprise constantly provides any possible assistance to pensioners, needy citizens and veterans. The factory has set up the “Veterans of war and labor council”. At the Council of Veterans there is a self-activity group called "Zoryanitsya", which is constantly present and welcomed at all ceremonial and celebratory events held by enterprise.

The company has created a charitable Foundation "Faith and Hope”, which provides assistance to low-income employees of the enterprise, members of their families, large families and single mothers, as well as workers in dire need of treatment and recreational activities.

Children of Volnyansk boarding school are taken under our care and are supported. The company long-term participation in the events has become a good tradition. We participate in the Day of Knowledge, the New Year and Christmas, Easter Sunday and the best reward for us is children’s smile, good mood and eyes full of joy and love.

The enterprise is actively involved in the restoration of St. Vladimir Church in Volnyansk, built in the early 20th century. In 2010, the church bell tower was erected, and in 2013, on the eve of the patronal feast, the replacement of the central dome and the cross was carried out.

The company takes care of the improvement of the town Volnyansk, including active work on landscaping of the city.