Working conditions in the company S&P association «RІST».

  • Full or part-time (depending on the position or specialty)
  • Employment in accordance with Labor Code, social benefits (a possibility to work under the contract)
  • 5-day working week, working day from 8-00 to 17-00 (break from 12-00 to 13-00)
  • Salary is established on interview results
  • Medical insurance of employees at the Company expenses
  • Commute of employees from Zaporіzhya to the enterprise and back is effected by office transport from all areas of the city
  • In proximity to the enterprise there is a train and bus station Vіlnyansk

How to commute from Zaporozhye city:

  • Minibus from the department store "Ukraina"
  • Minibus from "Gortop" (Shevchenko district)
  • Bus (a minibus) from the bus station №3 (Angolenko)
  • All minibuses go through Shevchenko district ( Ivanova st., Amstor)
  • Electric train to Vіlnyansk, from Zaporszhya-1 railway station