Interior of suburban electric trains

The company produces modern interiors for electric trains of car series ED4, ER2, ER9, EPL "Urban electric train", with the following elements:

  • Facing plates of walls and partitions in the passenger spaces, corridors, vestibules made of fiberglass based on polyester resin.
  • Decoration of the ceiling, including the spacious shelves above the chairs on both sides of the car.
  • A set of 3rd class couches, made of fiberglass polyester resin. Disposition of seats is 3x3.
  • The floor which is made of waterproof plywood and covered with decorative linoleum.
  • Equipment of WC: floor of toilets made of fiberglass, which is based on polyether unsaturated resins with anti-slip coating, washbasin with mirror, furnishing. Upon request, a dressing room can be equipped with environmentally friendly toilet system.
  • A set of the in-leafs for sliding doors.