Control cab for electric trains ED4M

The cab is designed as a monolithic fiberglass of the outer fairing casing which is fixedly connected to the all-welded metal frame. This design gives the cumulative increase in the strength of bearing characteristics of the fairing casing, eliminates the possibility of spontaneous loosening of fasteners and fastener fatigue wear, minimizes heat transfer to the metal frame of cabinet.

The cab window openings are glued with windscreen glazing elements; adhesive bonding provides additional vibration isolation, which, in turn, eliminates the harmful vibration load on the glass during operation.

Windshield glazing has an adjustable falling film electrical heating. The glass structure is a multilayer shatterproof glass, enduring the impact load of 450 kJ or more.

The interior of cab is made of a retardant fiberglass group. Final coating is anti-glare, easily washable enamel. The control panels also eliminate the formation of glare and reduce fatigue of locomotive crew.