Control cab for diesel-multiple unit train DEL-02

The cab is designed to be mounted on the head of diesel-multiple unit train cars DEL-02, manufactured by PJSC "Luganskteplovoz".

The use of fiberglass in the construction of outer casing has improved the appearance of diesel-multiple unit trains, which produced by PJSC "Luganskteplovoz", provides an improved ergonomics and the overall aesthetics of the train.
The driver's cab is made of fiberglass, it is designed as a monolithic capsule, it is non-detachable and joined to the bearing metal frame. The cab is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of + 60 ° C to - 50 ° C. The cab is designed for the presence of three persons: the driver, the assistant driver and the driver-instructor.

The cab structure includes electrically heated windows, easily washable fiberglass interior panels, and control panel, designed according to the latest trends in «train fashion», in compliance with all requirements of ergonomics.

S&D association "RIST” ensures the operation of the cab without maintenance and repair up until overall repair of diesel train KR-1 (after 800 thousand km run). The specified service life for cabinet is 40 years.