Chairs of 1-nd and 2-d class

Chairs for passenger cars of the first and second class are manufactured in accordance with TR 35.2-25221038-010-2004.

Chairs are used to equip the interiors of passenger and motor-car rolling stock. The products meet the safety requirements НБ ЖТ ЦЛ 111-2003 и НБЖТ ЦТ 03-98.

There are four versions of the second class chairs:

  • two-seat (with transformable and non transformable back);
  • four-seat;
  • six-seat

two variants of the first class chairs:

  • two-seat (with transformable back);
  • four-seat.

The requirements of ergonomics, modern aesthetic and functional design are taken into account when designing the chairs.

Seat design ensures serviceability, easy installation, operation and maintenance.

All materials, used in the manufacture of chairs, meet fire safety requirements ЦУО-0039 and have a certificate of conformity.

The frame and the chair legs are made of steel non-circular pipes and have a corrosion-resistant decorative coating. The product has a rigid mounting to the floor and the wall of the car.

Soft parts of the chairs are made of molded polyurethane foam and covered with retardant fabric, polyurethane foam is additionally protected by non-combustible lining.

Four- and six- seat chairs have butt orientation, arranged back to back.

Two- seat chairs with a transformable back have:

  • a reclinable backrest with tilt back angle to the vertical axis 35̊ ± 2̊;
  • able which, when tilting the back, is in an upright position. The table has a place for a glass and a bearing rib;
  • net for the press.

Two-seat transformable chairs have a mechanical (by moving the seat forward) type of adjusting the backrest angle.

All products have a polyurethane reclinable armrest.

Various colors of upholstery materials are used in the manufacture of chairs, this gives the possibility of combining them, opens opportunities to design new cars’ interiors and to install them into existing interior when repairing and modernizing.