Control cab for diesel locomotives 2TE25

The cab is designed to be installed on the metal frame of the main diesel locomotives 2TE25A / 2TE25K.

The advantage of this design of cab is its relative ease in installation, durability and lack of corrosive wear, excellent maintainability, high resistance to external loads, impact resistance at a lower dead weight, lower thermal conductivity (compared with the make of the metal).

The cab is made of nonflammable fiberglass, made by "mask" type and is designed to work when exposed to the ambient temperature from + 60 ° C to -50 ° C. The cab is designed for the simultaneous presence of three persons: the driver, the assistant driver and the driver-instructor.

Structural element of the cab:

  • outer casing made of fiberglass (upper fairing, lower fairing) with elements mounting on a metal frame;
  • windshield glazing made of electro warmed safety glass glued in the doorway cabinet;
  • side windows of reclining and sliding type;
  • inner lining;
  • efficient heat and acoustic insulation;
  • electrically controlled sunscreen blinds of the front window and mechanical blinds of the side windows;
  • windshield wipers and rearview mirrors are mounted on the outer casing.

he standard list of equipment also includes the air conditioning ventilation hatches, closing hatches, niches for battery banks, necks for fuel tanks of diesel locomotive, hatches for necks.

The specified service life for cab is 33 years.

Cab design ensures the operation without maintenance and repair up until overall repair of diesel locomotives after 2.4 million kilometers run (approximately 17 years).