3-d class seats of fiberglass reinforced plastic

Seats of fiberglass reinforced plastic of 3-d class are manufactured according to TR U 25.2-25221038-009-2004 regarding supplies to Ukraine, and TR 3183-020-25221038: 2008 regarding supplies to the Russian Federation.

Seats are used to equip the interior of motor-wagon rolling stock. The products meet the safety requirements НБ ЖТ ЦЛ 111-2003 NB VT and НБ ЖТ ЦТ 03-98.

There are four versions of seats lay-out:

  • two-seat;
  • three-seat;
  • four-seat;
  • six-seat;

Upon request, seats can be manufactured with a metal handle or with the headrest and PPU handle.
Anthropometric data of the human body is taken into account when designing seats. The design ensures serviceability, easy installation, operation and maintenance.

All materials used in the manufacture of seats, meet fire safety requirements ЦУО-0039 (Ukraine) and ВНПБ-03 (Russian Federation) and have a certificate of conformity.

Seat body is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic which is based on unsaturated polyester resins of low flammability.

Advantages of seats made of fiberglass reinforced plastic:

  • durability;
  • resistance to corrosion, weathering and UV light;
  • dielectric, chemical and thermal resistance;
  • a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • vandal resistance;
  • maintainability;
  • fire safety.

The frame and the leg of the seat are made of steel non-circular pipes and have a corrosion-resistant decorative coating. The product has a rigid mounting to the floor and the wall of the car.

Seats are equipped with soft pads of flexible polyurethane foam and covered with leatherette upholstery (imitation leather) this makes it easy to hygienically clean them.

Upon request, seats upholstered in fabric can be made.