Bending of sheet metal at a given angle

The technology of sheet metal bending at a given angle with the TRUMPF TruBend 5130 CNC edge band press allows the production of various profiles and sheet metal parts.

Precision and rigid system of rear stops ensures precise positioning of the workpiece, and a solid press base and high-tech modern drives guarantee complete control over the production of products.

Advantages of the bending technology with the CNC edge bending press:

  • the execution of straight bends with the use of a universal bending tool does not require the manufacture of expensive stamping tooling;
  • the possibility of computer modeling of the bending process makes it possible to guarantee the compliance of the geometry of parts with the requirements of the drawing, high quality level, dimensional repeatability;
  • saving time and resources of the customer.

Main characteristics of the equipment TRUMPF TRUMPF TruBend 5130:

  • Bending force: 130 tonn
  • Maximum bending length: 3230 mm
  • Table width: 120 mm

Your orders and proposals for cooperation can be sent to the e-mail address

In order for the application for manufacturing (bending) of parts to be processed as quickly as possible, send us the 3D models of the parts in software form (format SW2014, STP, IGS). Every part must be in a separate file. In the file name, you need to specify all the necessary information to fulfill the order, for example: Osnovanie_s2,5_st3_30pcs.SLDPart (Osnovanie - part name, s2,5 – material thickness, st3 – material type, 30 – quantity)

The cost of bending services is calculated individually for each order, as it depends on many factors (the type and thickness of the material, the length of the part, the number of bends, the order quantity, the lead time, the complexity of the geometry of the ordered parts, the need for subsequent processing and welding of parts, packaging and delivery, etc).

You can also discuss details on fulfilling orders by contacting us by phone:

  • +38 050 322-34-39 Mr.Igor

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