“Youth Association” of “Rost Holding” Association !12.02.19

“Youth Association” of “Rost Holding” Association ! In January 2019, a united youth organization of enterprises belonging to the Rost Holding Association was created. During this short time, our activists held, although not a lot, for significant events on the scale of our small family. Not to mention the very first event organized by the young leader of the organization, namely, Nativity. Where on Lake Pansky we gained strength and inspiration for the further march of victories and new production tops. A youth organization began to grow in front of our eyes and soon held the first sporting competition in table tennis, where the security and safety service of our company showed itself, taking the highest levels of the podium. At the moment, preparations are underway for two events dedicated to February 14, namely: “Give a child a book” and “Valentine's Day”. As you can see, young blood has taken a good start, let them wish all the best and will follow their new achievements. Forward youth organization "Rost Holding" !!! There is still a lot of interesting things ahead, namely, intellectual games and memorable dates, holidays. History is made by people, we create our own friendly young people!